Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Never say Never, huh?

I really thought I was done with Love Inspired books.  Not that I dislike them. Just a series of events that lead me to let go of it all and start thinking in new terms.

I am still thinking about new things, still learning and... well, mostly enjoying an extended break from writing, the first in 15 years!  But, ya see, I had this partial that I had done last year then decided not to send out. It's good. I like the story and the characters. So my agent has sent it out.

Today I am contemplating the 'what next' of it all. Not just the 'what next' of selling it but of NOT selling it. Like many of you I have my share of finished unsold books and partials tucked away. Some deserve to stay tucked as far away as possible but others... what next for them?

I actually have some say in that now.  They can become books to be sold to the public. Wow.
Second chances and self determination, control of your own career (however that looks in the new world of publishing). It's definitely worth contemplating.

It's part of the new reality for writers to consider 'what next' in the broadest sense. That has to play a part when putting words on paper just as considering the narrower version of the question (since that line wants this, I need to think about that when writing this scene, or Editor X suggested I focus on this so that's what I'm going to do, or I'd like to be known as a writer who is good at 'fill in the blank' so I need to make sure I work on that aspect of craft). Whew.

So, writers, what next? I hope it's something amazing.