Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Forgot to Knock on Wood!

No sooner did I post about not posting and being off line than I came down with something that has kept me out of commission for a couple weeks!
Maybe I did look gorgeous in full make up and lay around in my perfect room reading fine literature. YOU don't know.
 I'd like to say I got lots of work done writing and planning but mostly I sat on the couch and coughed. So far, no editor interest in that kind of work!

It did give me time to think about the state of publishing and what's coming - and to let go a little more of it all. I still write, I am still being published, even sent out a new submission but in an odd flip flop, I find myself thinking in terms of traditional publishing as a 'day job' and planning to one day work on the books of my heart and doing new and interesting things with them. Or not.

Funny thing about stepping away from the lit life, you realize that there is a real life going on all around you. I once thought that would make the writing fuller, more real, more dear to me as a writer. Maybe not so much.

I really believe one day the urge will grab me by the throat and I will write, write, write. At least I hope so.