Monday, December 19, 2011

Waiting, waiting - Here it is!

Isn't that just like publishing? You write, you edit, you polish, you rewrite, you send, you wait and wait and wait and then...WAIT!! What? I just realized my backlist books from the Route 66 series are available NOW.

No, not next week. No, not next month. No, not next YEAR. Today.  Yup. I checked. You can get them on Amazon. And itunes and wait, a minute while I check... yes and Barnes and Noble!!! (did I put enough exclamation points there?). Wow. I am totally shocked. I don't know why, I have other ebooks out but these are the first that I own the rights to and are out there as past of the brave new world of publishi
Cool. If you know anyone who loves sweet romance and/or would love a few laughs along the rocky road of Route 66, try THE DOUBLE HEART DINER, CUPID'S CORNER and THE LOST ROMANCE RANCH from Annie Jones!

Links tomorrow - as I said this caught me off guard!