Friday, October 28, 2011

We're Ba-a-a-a-ack!

Just in time for Halloween what once was unseen is now reappearing!
Don't know whether to blame Poltergeists or my own mixed up crazy button pushing ways for my blog failing to redirect properly from my domain name but I think my blog is back.

Of course, now if only my brain would come back on line too! It's a cry (more of a faint whimper, actually) I am hearing all over the blogosphere.  It's like bloggers everywhere have come dome with the blahgs. It makes me sad because blogging was such a terrific way to meet people, to view the world, to learn and laugh and a wonderful way to feed the need to write when the old school publishing world is in turmoil.

Will the energy return to the blogosphere? Or maybe it's just the blogs I read feeling lackluster? I'd love feed back, love to hear other's experiences. If you have talked about this or plan to on your blog, leave you link, please.

That's all for now - since I'm not sure the redirecting issue is fixed. Have a great weekend!