Saturday, May 7, 2011

Derby Day!

Big doings around Louisville the past couple of weeks. Weather has affected much of the 'normal' activity of the Derby festival
Balloon race in better weather years ago

but it's gorgeous for the Derby today.

No, not a racing fan, but we do gather  'round to watch the one special race.

Love seeing the hats and fanfare.

One thing strikes me about the Derby and writing is that with both of them, what most people really want from them is a connection. In leading up to the big race we are not told a lot about the stats, we are told the story of the jockey, the owner, the horse itself. People admit all the time they root for a horse because of some personal connection - a name that means something, a story that touched them, the horse or owner being from their home state... whatever.

Him: Whatch thinkin'? Her:I just wonder what readers really WANT from their fiction.
That's the best 'bet' as writers to do what works for our readers, craft matters but if it doesn't connect on a basic level to readers, it's just words on a page, it won't come through in the home stretch!