Monday, May 16, 2011

Letting Go of Literary Life

I was one of THOSE writers. RWA all the way, for years. Local chptr, newsletter editor, committees, conference, contests. NINC. Loops, lists, likes... bbs, blogs, brainstorming...webpages, workshops, writing, writing, writing. If it was about writers, writing, craft, business I was there. Social stuff, networking, not so much. So I know a lot of stuff, not a lot of people.

"I may be a nobody in your book, Mr. Big Publishing, but I am not going away!"
Big mistake, I think but too late for that now because it's all shifted or shifting. This last weekend after being taken to task for simply saying how I felt about something on a writer's list I hit the tipping point. I went no mail. Am about to do the same on all but one remaining writer's forum. Am thinking about where or if I want to submit work again. Not saying I'm quitting writing, just quitting the old school (which used to be the new way - online networking, etc) writing life. Just not letting people who want to promote their own agenda or use me to give them content to promote their agenda or assume I feel the same way about politics, religion, publishing as they do to waste my time and energy.

a good long look at what you're doing and if it really helps your creative process. HINT: If it involves sticking an eggbeater in your hair, it's probably not.

This has me thinking of an article I read once (yes, writing can have a lasting effect) about why smart people make dumb mistakes. It boiled down to 3 things: 1) They did not seek any input. 2)They did not seek varied input (got all their ideas and feedback from the same select group over and over) 3)They relied too heavily on the input of others.
Did she listen to the new voice on the phone, or rely on the tried and true but tired and toothless advice of her closed circle? What about her own instincts?
If you are like I have been, if you find yourself quoting writing memes like: Readers skip prologues or cut out all dialogue tags but said or never... always... editors don't like...   Then consider backing away from some of the online babble and listen to 1)new voices from very different places 2)the things that are working for others (have you sampled the writing of the bestsellers in your genre?) 3)Yourself.

I am out in the world making new friends (check out )and planning a couple new projects. Writing is fun again!
Would love to hear what others are doing to charge boldly into the new publishing world dynamic.

The world has gotten bigger, my friends, come join me in it!