Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

A proper writer's tale for St Patrick's Day -

Many years ago I wrote a romance called "Irish Eyes"(it's out of print and I have the rights back and when I looked up the synopsis on Amazon, I thought, wow what a great story - so its now on my list to pub on ebook soon) and doing so I made a reference to a music box playing and the hero knowing the words and singing "When Irish eyes are smiling..."
My editor insisted that while maybe that Irish hero would know the song readers CERTAINLY would NOT so I needed to pick a song people knew.
I stood my ground in a phone call.
She decided to prove me wrong.
She went from office to office asking people if they would recognize a song called "When Irish Eyes are smiling" with just a few music box notes?
Not only did every person Recognize it, they each began to sing it and in a few minutes the whole office place was filled with the strains of the beloved old song. She returned to the phone and muttered, "Okay, the song reference can stay."

I am not Irish, but my eyes still smile at that experience.

Stand up for your work, but don't be afraid to test and verify :) or SING when you know you're in the right

When Irish Eyes are smiling...