Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have you Done your Google Today?

My search question of the day: Do they sell liquor in Graceland?

First, it immediately made me start thinking - hey, good book title.  Next, I thought - if my computer was seized, what conclusion would THAT lead someone to? Last, I knew that no matter what answer I came up with when the passing reference showed up in a book, someone, somewhere would complain that I got it wrong.

Btw, I did not get the easy answer I wanted but a barrage of stuff that, while might be helpful, wasn't going to help me vet that one line of dialog about wanting a drink before taking a tour of Elvis Presley's former home.
I did find some REALLY useful stuff at Wikipedia. Or maybe not. Okay,  I confess, I changed the line a bit to work either way.

Writers can't be everywhere so that's why there's the internet.
I'd love to hear from other writers - what did you Google... on Bing... or