Friday, March 18, 2011

What's the Deal With Blogging?

I came late to blogging. It's a long story having mostly to do with writing under more than one name and the main name - Annie Jones - being soooo hard to drive traffic to a webpage for and then not really sure what to blog about - which I am STILL pretty undecided about (am just sick of writing blogs, but then I was submerged in a long list of them for the last 3 years or so).

My 'for fun' blog titled Helen Helps! was just that, a fun thing that now I need to whip into shape. It began with the idea of sharing advice I'd found in old magazine, pamphlets, etc. But quickly expanded, especially as I discovered how many people love VINTAGE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

So time to apply the old proven writer's technique - HIGH CONCEPT. I still don't have it for that blog (this one is in the title - I decided to write joyful/encouraging things about the writing life - have failed a few times and removed at least one post).

High Concept - it's easy. Super easy. If someone gives a long explanation, they don't get it.
Sure, it can be Gidget meets the Sound of Music but better yet, sum it up in the title: The Flying Nun (which is better - see it's about a nun who can fly and every plot will be about the nun stuff and the flying stuff, done)
It can be The Godfather meets the Hero's Journey - or better, the title The DaVinci Code ( Da Vinci, smart Italian guy, code - a secret to be deciphered)

Don't over think it. The other blog is based on a character from a book with a long title that is about as high concept as I can manage (it's not my strong suit) Helen Hartman and the Kitchen Counter Revolutionaries. Helen is a woman's advice columnist circa 1970, the story is told by the women who were there to a young woman struggling with her life today. The blog is about all the great vintage stuff I own and find. How do I High Concept THAT?

Writer's Brain... Engage! Oh and if anyone has a suggestion - am open to it.