Sunday, March 27, 2011

Does Plot Matter Anymore?

I only ask because my daughter came back from seeing Sucker Punch today and told me that the entire plot seemed to be "surly girls who can sexy dance real good so they can accomplish their goal because men are dumb". I tried to question her but she insisted that was about the gist of the movie.

I've come away from a few movies like that (well not EXACTLY like that) lately. Where CGI and action and explosions or randomness takes the place of actual story. And the remakes. Don't get me started on the remakes! Is there not one remaining original thought in all of movie makingdom?

Some would apply that same outcry to... what are we calling it today - Traditional publishing? Commercial publishing? Legacy Publishing? - Of course there's Eisler's big leap of faith (at least in himself and his ability to earn some $ in self pubbing e books) and Connie Brockway's news about doing the same - in which she states outright that publishers have become to stifling for too many authors, that there are enough readers wanting something else for an author to do okay for themselves.  I said there and will say here, I think Christian fiction may be behind the curve on this, but I could be wrong. I feel like Christian publishers have been guilty of the same narrow thinking of those who make movies, if something works make more of it and more (other publishers do to but if you've ever read my books and know I've been asked if I'd consider an Amish book, you will understand my concern).

It's an interesting time to be a writer, and a reader... if you're up to the challenge. If not, hey, maybe you can dance your way to your goals! (in this current marketplace, who knows?)