Monday, December 20, 2010

YOU May Be...

You may be the High Almighty Exalted Queen of The Way You Think Things Should Be but you for sure ain't the High Almighty Exalted Queen of What Is.

There was someone behaving all snotty and superior for no good reason that I wanted to say that to today. Of course, I didn't. I'm polite that way. I won't say a thing that 1)sounds kinda mean and 2)I'd probably have to explain and thereby take the sting out of the indignation of it all right to someone's face like that. But beware. I WILL post it on a blog that can be read by anyone in the world.

Thus is the power of the writer.

Also I liked the way it sounded and didn't want to forget it and didn't have a pen and paper to jot it down. So I used my blog as scrap paper.

Thus is the freedom of the writer who is pretty sure not many people are reading.

Bwahahahaha. Ha... Ha.

Oh and if I had to say that to a male - High Almighty Exalted POTENTATE of... Because King doesn't get it.

THAT is the reality of a writer no matter who is or isn't behaving or reading... you gotta jiggle the words a little until they are right no matter what.

Have a great week and try to keep your perspective, Be the Queen (or Potentate) of what is and make what is as good as you can.