Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Kept Thinking... tomorrow

No I am not going to type out the lyrics to the song from the musical ANNIE that would undoubtedly get stuck in your brain and drive you so crazy you'd start wishing someone would walk by whistling Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer just to give your mind a rest.

I'm just saying that for the last month I kept thinking I'd have big writing news to report. Now there is a saying as cliched as that song about the day two days past yesterday - no news is good news. I have no idea if that applies in this case. But it is very much a part of the writing business and is becoming more and more so as publishing tries to sort itself out. It's crazy making and so often ends in disappointment. Guess that's why so many writers are taking their careers in their own hands and getting their work out there themselves. I love this project so much that I plan to do that if it comes to that, so the waiting is a little more tolerable. BUT I'D REALLY LOVE TO GET A CONTRACT FOR THIS BOOK - it's so special and waiting is so hard.

Meanwhile I will keep writing - though I confess I'd rather be writing on the project in the lurch than in the one that is a better chance of selling. Is that human nature? To want to chase after the one who doesn't seem to know you exist? The one who hints at giving you your heart's desire then falls silent?

Call me human!