Friday, September 17, 2010

You Are Cordially Invited... get the %#@!*%$&! over yourself.

(excuse my language - or lack of it ;))

I can't tell you how long I've wanted to have cards made up looking all formal and engraved stating just that. The biggest problem is, how could I ever afford to keep my pockets stocked with the things?

Maybe it's the Internet, with it's all out go not much input model, or maybe it's the stress of modern life with the pressure of everything from finances to family that makes us more aggressive, or maybe it's that people have lost their sense of humor, of citizenship, of fairness, of live and let live-ness. Sigh. I don't know the root cause but I do know that almost every day I run across someone who doesn't want to share their opinion they want to shout it and in doing so drown out all opinions of others who share the planet.

What happened to back and forth, give and take, agreeing to disagree and different strokes for different folks?

Today I got treated to an opinion piece of an author who wanted to make it known that only his kind of writing has any value at all, that what he deems "kitschy" (meaning entertaining? sentimental? interesting?) writing is simply not good. It's an ongoing theme for this writer who actually lists his website as the site of "critically acclaimed writer so and so" (I could do the same, I have awards, some of them very literary, made lists, been well reveiwed - I'd rather have readers letters and kind words though, which are my fav measure of success).

He's not alone in his point of view, of course and I don't get it. (But obviously it got to me, I admit it) except perhaps it's a kind of viagra for the limp literary ego to run down others in order to make one's self feel better. Yeah, that's blunt but since not too many people read my blog, I'm lettin' it stay in my blog - because I feel like I have to speak up for all the people who read and write... well, whatever they LOVE to read and write.

Good for you! I mean it, it is good for you - to paraphrase Auntie Mame - Reading is like a banquet and too many poor souls are starving to death.