Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here's Your Permission Slip

I hereby extend to you one permission slip - you have my permission to write what you want, the way you want it or to NOT write anything at all. You have my permission to write music in word form, to write things the 'rules' say are all wrong, to write complete and utter crap. You have my permission to doodle on the page or to crumple it up and throw it in a huge crate the way Dick Van Dyke did in the episode when he borrowed a novelist's mountain cabin in order to write the Great American Novel. You have my permission to do as he did and wear a funny hat, play paddle ball and wave at the nudist neighbors. Think of that as research.

You have my permission to give yourself a break. If you are reading online for writing advice or putting your work out to editors, agents, critique groups, ezines, blogs, work, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, or for school or fun or fun school, then you are getting a lot of stuff telling you "this is the way we write our books/stories/stuff". You have my permission to ignore all that.

Maybe not forever. Maybe not for everything. Maybe just for the next few hours to give yourself, your muse, your mind and your keyboard a break. Sometimes it's in those times when you give yourself permission to relax a little the best inspiration appears.

You have my permission to follow that inspiration where ever it takes you!