Monday, February 20, 2012

Saying Thank You

Have been notified that I have won an award from Romantic Times Magazine and they wonder if I will be at their get together in Chicago to accept it. I have never been to this convention even though every writer I know who has gone says it's well worth the trip. Unforgettable. Fun. Informative.

But it ain't FREE! The less I write the less I think in terms of tax write offs (at this stage paying for postage and paper pretty much puts me in the losing $ column) so I have to think in terms of budget. I would love to go but nowhere in that budget is a file for "EGO".  I learned a long time ago that EGO can be pretty costly so it went bye bye along with thing like cute shoes and  fancy coffee with weird names.  So what's a writer who really would love to have somebody in the wide world of writing say - hey, you did okay instead of "yeah, it's okay, I guess, if you'd just change everything about it" a writer who ADORES Chicago, btw, to do?

More thinking my way. Who knew the writer's life would have these kinds of decisions?