Friday, January 13, 2012

Writing and Time

It's no secret I've been taking a break writing wise. Well, I just sold another ms to Love Inspired so I guess that's got to end soon.  And as usually happens, as soon as I HAVE to write something else I am instantly enthralled with something I'd RATHER write. A cozy mystery series. But...

Ever drop a ping pong ball in a tile shower? If you have you won't forget that doing doing doing sound as it hits the floor, the wall, the other wall, the floor, and so on. That's what I think it sounds like in a writer's head when they have an idea that they can't pin down. DOING DOING DOING!

It begins to drive you a bit mad, you know. And the more the idea bounces away, just out of your reach the more you begin to doubt you can ever catch it at all.

I am honestly afraid I can't finish this book. There. I said it. No, not the one I have the contract for, the one I have the passion for. But I am hoping that applying discipline and effort to writing the book that is my "work" will help that ping pong ball slow down, maybe even pass within my reach.

Ever have that happen? Struggle with one piece, move onto another and then have the first piece start to fall into place? Please, tell me it's happened to you, this doing doing doing is making me nuts.