Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And so it goes

I actually forget to update this blog. On one hand that's bad. I made the commitment. I Have my name on it. I have books coming out in a month or so and should have a 'platform' but...

Writing about writing? It's all been done. The truth is in the title - JOY. If you are writing with joy and determined to make your work your best and take steps toward that? In this day and age, that might be all it takes to earn a few bucks as a writer, to get readers, to make your own platform to build on.  The longer the publishing 'revolution' revolves (that's the kind of revolution we're talking here, folks, not protestors and armed resistance, but the big ol' wheel of history rolling along, picking up new things, casting off old). the more I realize that publishers are NOT the great arbiters of what people want to read that they have told us they were.

That is exciting news for writers and READERS. Go. Find your true voice. Discover new voices.
I'll try to remember to update. Or you can visit where I post regularly - Dear Helen Hartman.