Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deadline Diet - UGH!

Ah, the glam life of a writer.

Cereal. Pizza. Burgers. Fries. Soda. Soda and more soda. I'm not even on that tight of a deadline but for some reason whenever I enter that two week countdown all semblance of a healthy diet goes right out the window... usually my car window... at the fast food drive in. What's the deal with that?

Yeah, I know, there's something up there, emotional eating, stress, stuffing down anxiety or maybe just a great excuse to over indulge. The worst part is, having been eating better for a while now, am finding that eating junk is actually making it harder to get writing done! Seriously, if you are struggling to get words on the page, take a look at what's on your plate, or in your glass or in your car (yes, I confess, I tossed a Wendy's Bag in the back seat today to throw away later - glam, glam, glam, huh?)

So starting tomorrow, better food, better work ethic, better writing! Better go see if we have any ice cream...

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