Monday, January 10, 2011

Conincidence? I'm becoming confident of it.

I have heard it put in mathematical terms that a coincidence is when two things intersect or occupy the same place or are happening at the same time. That's a loose definition. In fact, in looking the word and its roots up there were a lot of different but similar definitions. I had to agree with the guy who said it was hard to use the term without getting into philosophy (he was a mathematician and of his whole article, that was one of the few sentences I actually understood!).

So philosophizing we will go! The particular coincidence, the thing occupying way too many points in my life right now is a lot like the term coincidence, it's the encouragement to "be confident". Confidence. Hmmm. Not my strong suit. Not as a person, a mom, a writer.

I'm more the - "Well, here it/I is/am. Sigh. I tried my best. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. If I can just get enough feedback to keep at it, that would be fine" type. Some people might call that humility, others reality. I think in my house we'd have called it 'not tempting fate'. But as fortune cookies, devotionals, year end advice, even sermons kept hammering home the message these last 2 weeks - go forth in confidence, be confident, speak what you want with confidence, be confident in the Lord - I have decided to give it a try.

Oddly enough, just deciding to act from a place of confidence has colored my outlook. I am less worried the last few days. More of a mind that I can figure out the solutions if things don't go the way I hope. It feels like the world is more full of options than obstacles. It's a small thing, but it demonstrates the power words have over us. To chose to move forward with a new watchword can change so much. I have no concrete results to share but as I wait for word on the book of my heart, I am confident it will sell. It will be a book that others read. It will have a chance to reach others. It will be a good experience financially, editorially, and for me and my family. And it will lead to other opportunities. Just writing that makes me want to work harder to make that happen.

Coincidence? Yes, it is. The messages may have been out there the whole time but they finally intersected with me being ready to hear them, being open to applying them. Wishing you many purposeful and happy coincidences... and the confidence to act on them!