Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Ever Hopeful Heart

As a Romance writer I never really bought into the hype about Valentine's Day (and often spent it at booksignings or working). Seems to reason as a long time Mom and a writer of Hen Lit, Mommy Lit and Women's Fiction I'd have lost my starry eyed vision of Mother's Days filled with breakfast in bed, pampering and special recognition. But buying my own gift?

Sheesh. Yep, This year I had to round up the family and ask them to take me to breakfast - McDonalds. My son had given me his gift earlier in the week but my daughter didn't do anything and my husband is of the "you're not MY mother" school of Mother's Day so... so while he went off to visit his Mom and I took my daughter to her monthly boardgame group, he told me to buy what I wanted for Mother's Day and they'd reimburse me.

Oh, Mother's Day how like trying to have a writing career are you! Dreams and expectation built up by the stories of how it could be, would be, WILL be when that big break comes, followed by the mundane work of every day, self propelled direction and more personal investment than you'd planned on. And then... well, who knows?

In case you're wondering I got myself Julia Child! the French Chef. A dvd set of her biography and some of her shows. I love it. My family hasn't even asked what it is... or picked up the receipt on the counter to reimburse me.

A lot like the way they are about my writing.

But I'm still at it... and next year, come Mother's Day I will be waiting in bed, my tummy rumbling and with a whole lot of great words ready to get down on the page.