Thursday, April 29, 2010

Staying Up in a Down Industry

It seems like everywhere you look around on line the news about publishing is a real downer. Numbers are down, reading is down, agent responses are down. Writers are finding it hard to keep up with all that's going down!

So what's a writer to do? What else? Keep writing, baby.

Okay, so you may have to do it with a new aim, a new direction, a new medium but if you think about it, that can be exciting too. It may not have the opportunity for the kind of financial gain many of us have dreamed of but there is still that whole - I write because I have to, I write because I can't NOT write factor which, as much as I love the day the check arrives, is the big takeaway for most writers in the long run. People will still be using words for at least a little while now ;)
and words are your domain. Use them. Keep stringing them together. Keep honing your craft and keep your eyes open for opportunities to apply all that.

The way to keep up is not to slow down. The way to Stay Up is to Never Give Up!