Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a delicate thing

The writer's ego can be. I didn't actually stop blogging here because of that, but because my other job went bye bye and one of the reasons given was "Blogging doesn't do anything."

It just got me. Not that I thought I had anything important to say or a fan base or any of that junk, it's just that not often someone says to you - what you do doesn't matter. (and esp since the option was to let someone set up phony blogs for their company - that if you go to them are gibberish or never updated and while all that junk, and it is junk, gets them on page one, my blog used to put them on every page after and now... well, you get it).

I think this it irks me when people call someone else's writing efforts trash or lump whole genres, subgenres, markets, houses, lines, styles and so on of writing together as no good. Who are you to decided that as an absolute? No good to who?

So anyway, in brief, that's why I stopped blogging. Oh, and Christmas, and a deadline and changing agents and the motherboard on my computer going ker-floooey (yes, that's the sound it makes when that happens - just whirr, whirr, whirr, ker-flooey!).

My mission now is to write the stuff I need to/want to write and to find my sense of humor again. Man, I miss that. I am so sick of being stressed and serious.

Oh, and FYI - a link to a contest I have to post to enter, but I don't know if I will enter but here's the link:Kidlit Contest

I wonder what sound it makes when you try to gear yourself back up again? Grrr-grrr-grr-eOWWW?