Monday, October 19, 2009

Fifteen Minutes

9:43 I have to get something down and I have to get going. Fifteen minutes to not just spew out my thoughts, but present them in a readable way, which means editing and organizing and... tick tock, a whole minute gone already.

9:44 Okay - I just wrote a sentence, realized I didn't have time to explore and support that premise and wiped it out. Another minute lost.

9:45 Only it's not lost! My mind is whirring. My fingers flying. All the pistons are firing, which is not usually what's going on in THIS head. Whenever writers talk about doing writing exercises I give them the side eye and say "Tell me, do I look like a person who exercises?"

But ya know, this blogging thing, this time thing, it does tap into something that taking all the time and pages allowed by my deadlines and word count expectations just can't deliver. Immediacy. Honesty. Mistakes that might be the best part of the whole deal for instance I first wrote readerability instead of readability and that made me think about the importance of writing to the reader's abilities - so often it's tempting to write for other writers and forget not everyone cares about how many adverbs you use, they care if the story speaks to THEM).

9:51 Time is almost up. When it's gone, I will have something to work with, something to build on. That's my challenge to writers today - timed writing, just let it go for fifteen minutes. Lock the voices that tell you it's got to be this or that, think of communicating with a reader, put yourself out there. That's joy, even if it is a bit messy!

9:53 - yes, I went back and edited for typos, may not have gotten them.

9: 55 - a few minutes to spare but will pub it as is (yes I'm editing again but this time to add this thought) Writers - tell me about your experience with timed writing - love it? Hate it? Love to hear more.