Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmastime is here....

First, I am NOT one of those people who gets all upset when the Christmas displays show up in September (August, yes that makes me peevish - July, downright grumpy but once school has started again...). I love to look at all that stuff. LOVE all the glitter and sparkle and cuteness and well, Christmas of it all.

And I love vintage anything but vintage Christmas? The BEST. I have a lot of the things my parents had, that I remember growing up. And when I lived in Kansas City, I discovered the wonder of Estate Sales for finding holiday-themed treasures. There I began the custom of asking the sellers about the people who had collected the, um, Estate so when I set out my vintage finds I can say - this was my Mom's. This was from when I was first married. This belonged to Rose and Jack (I don't know Rose and Jack who but I like knowing they aren't completely forgotten).

I also love to find 'finds' in antique stores. Favs include plastic nativities, glass ornaments (esp in PINK) and Christmas aprons and...

Wait I started this to share some news about my next book... see what just thinking about Christmas even in October does to me????

I SAW MY LATEST BOOK IN WalMart today! It's a bit early but it's out there or will be soon.

Blessings of the Season (Love Inspired). My novella: The Holiday Husband (a story chock full of vintage Christmas stuff as my hero and heroine spend the weeks before Christmas in a department store window living like the perfect 1950s family!) I loved having Christmas pasts to draw on and having some really fun finds to 'anchor' the story in my mind. I set them around as I wrote and drew on a visit we had paid to an 'all electric house' museum where young women gave us tours dressed as hostess housewives of the day.

It made writing the book more fun, hope that shows in the finished product.