Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Really? This Blog?

Really? With the spamming my comments? In this obscure blog? Some people can take the joy out of anything.

It's probably my fault for not attending to this blog regularly. Maybe they thought I'd never notice or that I might not come back at all and they could use the empty framework of what I had built to send out their SEO spam junk endlessly. The blogosphere IS overrun with ghost towns of abandoned blogs, isn't it?

I've been contemplating the future of  blogging lately. The practicality of it in a time spent verses results (whatever they may be, it's different for each of us) just because of stuff like this. Oh and because I just do not have as much time as I once did. Work takes up a lot of time, of course, and my family... and sometimes I need to do dishes and then there's writing... you remember writing, right?

That has been keeping me busy as the first book of my Irish 'stolen treasure romance's IRISH EYES is about to go 'live' for KINDLE and I'm editing book 2 now.

Can't wait - but I will be checking back in to make sure those spammers do not take the fun out of blogging yet!