Monday, January 14, 2013

One star reviews often rate less than one star themsevles

I write this boldly because I know so few people read this blog :). My fault entirely. My other blog gets a lot of traffic, enough that companies ask to advertise on it (clearly those people are NOT READING IT) regularly.  I think if this were a huge blog, I might not say what I am about to say.

Most 1 star reviews aren't worth the effort the reviewer made to post them. No, not because I don't believe in "honest" review or can't stand the heat, or whatever someone who got their feelings hurt by that statement will say to lash out against it.

You KNOW she's about to double dip.
Ahhh the things we feel free to do when we think no one is watching. 

Let's start with a couple of confessions.
1)I never trust a book that has only 4 & 5 star reviews.

Esp if there are only a few. That's it. That's me. I know no book pleases everyone and if I find one that has nothing but glowing reviews I wonder why (I know in my own case the books that have only a few and only nice reviews are usually not my top sellers).

Everything everywhere is peachy keen I tell you
(makes me wonder what is in that bag she's swinging around so happily?)

2)I ALWAYS read the 1 star reviews on any product I buy from books to music to techno stuff. Always.

What I find interesting is how very differently people hand these out with books than with 'goods'. With electronic and appliances the 1 stars usually come with very specific issues. Sometimes they are about things that make my eyes roll (the packaging or color) but most often about things that did not work, about service or where the product fell short. With books?

Let's just say I'm a bit confused.

I can't tell you how many times I've read over a 1 star review and found I have learned nothing whatsoever about the book. I do, often, learn a lot about the reviewer (but I have removed my rant about that because that's not the point).

The point is, if you didn't like a book, give it a moment of thought and give some reasons others might find helpful.  That's all I'm saying. (Personally, it just wasn't for me isn't a reason - I don't like mysteries but I would never give a particular mystery a 1 star because  I don't like the genre)

Should I delete this whole post? The scaredy cat in me says do it. Is this a case of careful what you wish for? Maybe but then I have to say - I never ask people to vote down 1 stars, I let people come to that conclusion on their own. I also have to say that one of my Best reviews was a 1 star - because she pointed out why she didn't like it and that was, in fact, a reason a lot of people DID like it.