Monday, January 7, 2013

Blogs and Books and Promo, Oh My!

I can't believe I didn't blog for a month after I said I'd do better! I'm not a liar, y'all. I'm a dreamer.

I didn't mean it to be a FIB! I just had this dream that I'd be able to get it all together! Yes, I thought I'd be able to hold down a full time job, write, edit, prepare a proposal, self pub, promo and keep up with 4 blogs (this one, Dear Helen Hartman and 2 for work). Plus spend time wondering if I should rename this book!). Oh, and to the holiday thing, be a part of a family and keep my house running.

Talk about being a Suzy Goose! Of course January is the time of new beginnings. It's also the time of letting go of things that no longer work. Not letting go of this blog, even though I clearly am not giving it my all, but I am letting go of feeling badly about that.

Have read recently that social media no loner delivers the benefits it once did. I admit, it has become overwhelming to me lately. When I was really writing it was a fun and fabulous creative outlet but now...  Anyone else feeling the social media drain? What are YOU doing about it?